Even a small Japanese garden can bring sophistication and peacefulness to any area.
Features often present in Japanese gardens include:

  • water in ponds or streams
  • sand and gravel, which can represent a beach or a flowing river
  • rocks which can represent landscape features (e.g.¬† a vertical rock may represent a mountain, while a flat rock might represent the earth).

Rocks are usually placed in groups of two, three, five or seven, with the three grouping the most common. In this arrangement, the tallest rock represents heaven, the shortest, earth and the medium-sized rock, humanity, which is considered the bridge between heaven and earth.
Each plant in a Japanese garden is selected according to aesthetic principles after careful consideration of its role in the landscape (e.g. as a backdrop to important garden features or perhaps to hide an undesirable sight.)

The flow and balance of a Japanese garden is a powerful influence that can take the mind away from the cares of the day and infuse it with a sense of peace.

Famous Japanese Garens
(1) Strolling Japanese gardens...view the Kenroku-en Gardens (Click Here)
(2) Dry Japanese gardens...view the Ginkakuji Gardens (Click Here)
(3) Water feature Japanese gardens... view the Rikugien Gardens Tokyo (Click Here)

Creating spaces that entice the eye and release the mind.

Zen And Now Landscapes is a Japanese garden design and landscape serive based on the Gold Coast in Queensland. We  provide a comprehensive landscape design, construction and maintenance service encompassing all garden styles and landscape features.

Whilst we construct all styles of garden landscapes we specialise in the design and construction of Japanese gardens, and have built and maintained a strong reputation in this area by delivering excellent service and quality workmanship.

Japanese landscape designer Dale Wark has had over 15 years experience in the industry. CALL NOW 0404603363
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